Modular Synths

Welcome to our modular synthesizers section.

Here, you’ll find all the essentials to start your modular synthesizer journey, as well as more advanced and creative modules to take your setup to the next level.


Central control and mixing hub for your modular system.

SERRA ⇣ ADSR Envelope

The Swiss Army Knife of modular synthesizers.

ONA ⇣ Analog Oscillator

Wide range of waveforms to choose from.

FONT ⇣ Liquid Filter

Powerful bass lines and a clean resonance.

QUART ⇣ Quad AD Envelope

4 independent functions in your module.

MAR ⇣ Dual Mixer

2 independent mixers in one module.

EXP4 ⇣ PMixer Expander

Add more functions to your Performance Mixer.

ST·MAR ⇣ Stereo Mixer

3-channel stereo mixer with all the basics.

VCV Random ⇣ CV Generator

Bringing the classic VCV Rack module to the real world.

CEQ ⇣ DJ EQ & Compressor

Analog 3-band Equalizer and Compressor synth module.

ALT ⇣ Quad VCA

Quadruple Voltage-Controlled Amplifier simple to use.

NANO ⇣ Blank Panels

Panels that help organize your rack.


Choose your favorite module!

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