ALT ⇣ Quad VC Amplifier

4 VCA in 8HP designed to keep your signals clean and colourless

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ALT is a Quadruple Voltage-Controlled Amplifier designed to be clean, reliable and simple to use. We designed it with limited rack space in mind, so we managed to fit 4 VCAs into just 8HP.

It also has mixing capabilities, so you can use it as a mixer that can blend any signal you want to throw at it, making it a very versatile and useful partner.

ALT as a 4-channel mixer

The outputs of its 4 channels are cascaded from left to right, so if nothing is patched into Outputs 1, 2 and 3, Output 4 will contain the sum of all four channels.

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VCV Rack is a free virtual modular synthesizer. Simply add our plugin and enjoy!

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with basic to advanced VCA patch techniques.


Dimensions 8HP – 40×128,5mm
Current 58 mA +12V / 31 mA -12V / 0 mA +5V
Input & Output Signals ±10V
Impedance Input 47k – Output 1k
Materials PCB and Panel – FR4 1,6mm
Depth 20mm – Skiff friendly

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