FONT ⇣ Liquid Filter

Powerful bass lines, tons of FM modulation and a clean resonance over your audio path.

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FONT is a massive sounding filter which can be used to make basslines, acid patterns and percussion sounds such as bongos, congas or toms.

Simple, but powerful.

With its 2-pole Low Pass & Band Pass, it really shines as a kick-drum machine! FONT can also work as a sine oscillator, tracking 1V/OCT when the resonance is at its maximum level.

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VCV Rack is a free virtual modular synthesizer. Simply add our plugin and enjoy!

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complex modulation, kick drums and more


Dimensions 6HP – 30×128,5mm
Current 22 mA +12V / 25 mA -12V / 0 mA +5V
Output Signals ±10V
Impedance Input 100k – Output 1k
Materials PCB and Panel – FR4 1,6mm
Depth 20mm – Skiff friendly

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Get to its technical features, functions and how it works.

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Click to hear the powerful sounds of this tiny liquid filter.