MAR ⇣ Multichannel Dual Mixer

One mixer to rule them all.

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MAR is a Multichannel Dual Mixer designed to handle all types of signals you want to use, like Audio, CV or Triggers. Thanks to its clever signal routing, you have plenty of options to adapt it to your system.

Reduce patch cables.

You can use Mixer Y Gain Control as a Global Gain Control. If no jack is connected to Y1, Mixer X+ Output is simultaneously normalled to Mixer Y1 Input.

This means it is possible to add Mixer X+ Output to Mixer Y Inputs without the need to use an external patch cable.

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VCV Rack is a free virtual modular synthesizer. Simply add our plugin and enjoy!

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with tips on patching feedback & send/return FX.


Dimensions 8HP – 40×128,5mm
Current 14 mA +12V / 16 mA -12V / 0 mA +5V
Input & Output Signals ±10V
Impedance Input 100k – Output 10k
Materials PCB and Panel – FR4 1,6mm
Depth 20mm – Skiff friendly

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