Performance Mixer


Central control and mixing hub designed to manage and combine audio signals from various sources within a modular setup. Its Knob recording feature (REC) allows you to record your moves for volume/pan/aux controls.

– 2 MONO Channels with Volume, Panning and Auxiliary send controls with CV for each function. Knob recording (REC), CUE bus and MUTE function.
– 2 STEREO Channels identical to MONO Channels, but the CV for the AUX function is replaced by the right (R) audio input.
– AUXILIAR Channel with 2 Mono Sends (X & Y) and 2 Stereo Returns with volume adjust.
– MASTER Channel with volume adjust for the main outputs, vu-meter, Headphone output with volume and cue/mix blending knob.

— — — — — — —
Dimensions 28HP – 142,2×128,5mm

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