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Performance Mixer serves as a central control and mixing hub for your modular system, allowing you to combine and shape multiple audio signals from various sound sources.

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4 different areas.

Open Spaces

Knob recording.

Press the REC button and then move the involved knobs to start recording.

Works only for AUX, PAN knobs and VOLUME fader (Channels 1-4)

Característica 1


The light on the MUTE button not only shows whether each channel is muted or not, but also gives information about the status of its Knob Recording function.

Característica 3.

The maximum module depth above the busboard connectors is 47mm, but you can place modules up to 60mm outside of the busboard space.

That should be sufficient to fit the vast majority of modules out there.

Punto fuerte 3

We know how hard it is to carry a modular system from one place to another, so we wanted to make it easy for you.

The lightweight aluminium, together with the handle, make it super easy to take your modules with you. Weighs only 1.7 Kg!

Explicación digital.

Includes space for patch cables, power supply and other accessories.

Super lightweight and equipped with 1 cm hard foam made from Cordura, an incredibly strong and durable material that will keep it well protected.

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